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About Candace Troy Studios


Candace Troy Studios teaches beginning, and intermediate fine art drawing and painting to kids ages 9-12, teens, and adults.  

Children and adults repeat what they have learned. Creativity allows them to reinvent what is within them. See the magic and mystery of creativity; you have to have a sense of what it can do for you.

Children relate better with siblings, excel in school, and learn how to integrate their life challenges. It is important they develop the joy of creativity when they are young as they grow up it does not leave them, it just keeps developing.

The children experience pride of creation by participating in an ongoing art show. This builds self esteem and helps overcome shyness or hesitation in showing their work publicly.

Adults find relaxation and joy while in the creative process. Progress is encouraged more than technique. Allowing yourself to learn without self judgment is paramount; learning to relax into the art medium will move you forward painting by painting.
"All you need is the desire and the interest."

The Approach

Beginning and Intermediate Kids Classes
Children first beginning classes are given class options of basic drawing, or beginning painting using water based oils. Both start with value scales and then progress to creating form using black and white and then color. Students progress to adding tone and color values to create three-dimensionality. Intermediate classes follow the same structure as beginning, but use oils. Students are requested to do lessons and inspired to use their own creativity within the lesson.

Students are taught individually and work from life or subject matter provided by studio or by student, taking into account personal interests.


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She is making a difference in people’s lives through art!