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Adult Beginning to Intermediate Oil Painting Classes

Send the chattering side of your head off to occupy itself in silence!
That being said, for those of you who say “I am not an artist”, “I cannot draw or paint” or other dis-empowering messages we tell ourselves….come paint and enjoy the process. This is a great class for those wishing to use their creativity while painting, whether you are a beginner or intermediate……. Drawing with paint and using other mediums will be encouraged. You will learn about values, form, color principles, composition, and the importance of under painting.  “Shopping list provided for all
supplies upon enrollment.”
E-mail instructor Or you can pay a material fee of $15.00.

Candace Troy Studios 1012 Banyan Way, Pacifica, CA 94044
Instructor: Candace Troy, Fine Artist & Instructor

150602AO 6/2-6/23 Tuesday 6:30-9:00 p.m. 4 weeks
150702AO 6/30-7/21 Tuesday 6:30-9:00 p.m. 4 weeks
150802AO 8/4-8/25 Tuesday 6:30-9:00 p.m. 4 weeks
4 weeks       $ 140

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Youth 9-12 - Youth Fine Art Drawing and Painting

Help your child bridge the gap between what they learn in school and how they can deepen their creative experience using fine art structured lessons. Sketch! Draw! Paint! Artists learn and refine drawing and painting skills in this special combo class. Students will learn various drawing fundamentals while working with pencils, charcoal, and mostly water based oil paint; using brushes and palette knives. Youths will study still life, values, color mixing, form, and additional knowledge in this class for the artist who loves to create. 4 week Classes will alternate with one structured class and one class of personal choice. Students will be encouraged to use their imagination.
Painting clothes required!

Additional supplies may be required per class.
$15.00 Material Fee

Candace Troy Studios; 1012 Banyan Way,  Pacifica, CA 94044
Instructor: Candace Troy, Fine Artist & Instructor

        9-12 years
15063YOP 6/3-6/24 Wednesday 3:30-5:30 p.m. 4 weeks
15064YOP 6/4-6/25 Thursday 3:30-5:30 p.m. 4 weeks
15074YOP 7/2-7/23 Thursday 3:30-5:30 p.m. 4 weeks
15073YOP 7/8-7/29 Wednesday 3:30-5:30 p.m. 4 weeks
15083YOP 8/5-8/26 Wednesday 3:30-5:30 p.m. 4 weeks
15084YOP 8/6-8/27 Thursday 3:30-5:30 p.m. 4 weeks
4 weeks       $ 105.00

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Adult Workshops:

Youth 5 Day Art Camp
150602AO June 22-26 12:30-2:30 (Materials Included) $150.00
150702AO July 13-17 12:30-2:30 (Materials Included) $150.00
4 weeks       $ 140

This workshop is open to new and current enrollees at Candace Troy Studios. Youths explore their creativity and learn from basic to advance techniques depending upon what they already know. Prior to painting, Students explore the versatility of various drawing and painting materials such as pencils, charcoals, markers, oil pastels, pen & ink, and water soluble pencils; color and/or graphite. Students will be coached on knowing how to use light and shadow on the form as well as composition. Like professional painters, each student will do thumbnails and then a mockup of what their painting version will look like. This workshop is primarily paint based and will be creating one painting project during the week to allow for a wonderful finished piece. Students will learn more about how to use a palette knife in their paintings.

Class size is limited to 7 students to allow each student maximum individualized instruction.

Adult 2 day Painting Workshop $340.00

July 11-12 Saturday and Sunday

10:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. ½ hour lunch
please bring your lunch and drinks.

Focus on Palette Knife
Artistic Growth comes from experimenting and taking risks as well as knowing basic fundamentals and thefoundation of drawing and painting. Having fun is also the key to loving painting, so put on your “let’s get creative hat” and join the event.

This class is for all levels, new or currently enrolled students. It is highly recommended students have some experience with drawing and oil painting. Water based oils are also welcome. You will be painting Alla prima style. Brushes will be used along with Palette Knives but the focus will be on how to use the palette knife. Students will be guided by a demo given by Candace and then she will continue to help each student while they are working on their own painting. Candace will also be working on her painting so you can see the process as she goes along.

Please bring your own canvas. A canvas 16 x 20 or just slightly larger will work. You may bring your own paint, but you may also use the studio oil paint and supplies.


Candace Troy, award winning Pacifica artist, brings to you a combined 30 years
of professional art experience including custom carved glass.
For over 10 years she has been painting commissioned work as a muralist & decorative painter.


Art is for everyone!
"Make a difference in people’s lives; gift an art class!